Book, Music and Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Directed by Ellie Lavelle
Musical Direction by Jake Hudgins
Technical Direction by Alicia Giannetti
Produced by Sam Curley

October 13-15
Tsai Performance Center

It's the first day of school at the clique-y, clichéd Rydell High School in 1959. The coolest kids in school are without a doubt the Greasers (aka the Burger Palace Boys), a rough guy-gang who can only be shown up by the sassy, sarcastic Pink Ladies, who are the most untouchable girls at Rydell. Through a remarkable twist of fate, the leader of the Greasers, Danny, finds himself face-to-face with his sweet summer love, Sandy, after she transfers to Rydell. Sandy is shocked to find that Danny is far from the gentle boy she met on the beach, while Danny struggles to choose between his image and the girl he loves. With both encouragement and determent coming from their respective cliques, Sandy and Danny eventually make their way back to each other, but not without some some major bumps, minor feuds, really un-ironic dance numbers, and of course, those Magic Changes.

5M, 5F, Ensemble

Danny (M): Leader of the “Greasers”, Rydell High’s premier guy-gang. Likes: cars, his hair, leather jackets. Very cool, charming, confident.

Sandy (F): The new girl in school. Likes: pink, Danny, wholesome fun. Sweet, naive, and innocent (for a while, at least).

Rizzo (F): Leader of the “Pink Ladies”, the girls who hang around the Greasers. Likes: older guys, schemes, popping her gum. Sarcastic, tough, and outspoken.

Frenchy (F): A Pink Lady. Likes: dreaming, her hair, thinking beyond high school. Fussy, but good natured.

Marty (F): Another Pink Lady. Likes: acting grown-up, making herself look older. Vocally less mature than the other girls; has a false sophistication.

Jan (F): Pink Lady. Likes: joking around with the Ladies, desserts, being heard. Pushy, but shy around the Greasers.

Kenickie (M): Danny’s right-hand-man. Likes: tattoos, dirty jokes, acting out. Tough on the outside, never lets himself seem soft.

Doody (M): Greaser. Likes: guitar, singing, being part of the group. Younger than the other boys, sweet, worships the Greasers.

Roger (M): Greaser. Likes: being the class clown, making trouble. Will do anything for a laugh.

Sonny (M): Greaser. Likes: bragging, showing off. Thinks quite highly of himself, especially when it comes to girls.