Family & Friends Weekend Annoucement

We're very excited to announce our 2018 Family & Friends Weekend musical! 

Directed by Babatunde Alford
Musical Direction by James Robson
Choreography by Kim Zak

We can't wait to see the amazing things this creative team will do! We now have a completed fall season. As a reminder, the other two shows will be (in no particular order):

The Nerd
Directed by Flannery Gallagher

Directed by Ben Skross

Is it September yet??

Executive Board Notes 4/22/18

  • Special Projects Check-Ins
  • BUSTies
    • Hosts
      • On track
      • Wrote part of opening monologue
      • Took promo photos today 
    • Event Managers
      • Have an EventBrite link 
      • Will be making absentee ballots
      • Starting slide show  
  • Murder Mystery 
    • Went well
    • People had fun 
    • Good turnout 
  • Summer Show
    • Director: David
      • Had auditions. Not many people showed up but has great cast
      • Probably won't be having a June 27th show because of conflicts 
      • Planning on meeting with everyone on Saturday 
      • Will have first formal rehearsal after classes are over
      • Ben Skross is coming on as AD
  • Showcase
    • Pipe and drape went up 
    • Not many people showed up
    • Cait needs to coordinate with Abby about what's going on this week 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Went to OBOB 
    • Went to the Transition training 
  • Evan
    • Tabled auditions on Wednesday night
    • Booked rooms 
    • Went to transition training 
    • Made post about graduation cords. Everyone has to message Evan by midnight on Thursday to get a cord 
  • Abby
    • Worked one night of Summer Show auditions 
    • Assembling NomCom
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Updating VPSP guide for Ariana 
    • Reached out to Shiney 
    • Wants to have a stress-relief study period event 
  • Andy
    • Went into SAO with Abby and ordered chicken fingers for BUSTies
    • Working on reimbursements
    • Did five-light wash for Showcase 
  • Lucy
    • Had productive FaceTime convo with Kimmie to go over Secretary Guide
    • Made FB events for Summer Show auditions and Murder Mystery
    • Will make so many FB events this week and send out reminder email
    • Went to OBOB
    • Renewed our domain and switched all the website stuff over to Kim for the big Squarespace charge
    • Went to Transition Training 
    • Worked on BUSTies host stuff
    • Wrangled a cast together for Showcase and went to Move-In
  • Caitlin
    • Asked for SM keys for Abby so someone else has keys for the week
    • Led the Showcase move-in
    • Tabled auditions for an hour 
    • Opened the Space for Wandering Minds this week 
    • Been receiving interest for Summer Show tech 
    • Getting ready to promote Space Cleaning 
  • Eric
    • Got the rights for F&F
  • Ariana
    • Working on BUSTies
    • Tabled for Summer Show auditions  

Summer Show 2018 Cast List

Here it is (we like to keep you on your toes here in Troupe)! Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Summer Show, No Exit! We're so happy you want to show the new freshmen what Troupe is all about. Got cast? We're really excited for you! Stay tuned for an email from David. Didn't get cast? We're sorry. Our hearts go out to you. You can still be involved in the fun process of Summer Show! We would love to hang out with you over the summer in tech and producing. If you're interested in tech for Summer Show, please email Caitlin at If you'd like to try your hand at producing, email Andy at Without further ado, here is the list: 

No Exit
Cradeau: Hugo Lindsay
Inez: Michelle Sandler/Taylor House*
Estelle: Chrissy Sardano
Bellboy: Doug Benishek/Michelle Sandler*

* denotes that the role is double-cast.



Executive Board Notes 4/15/18

  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Made an impact 
      • There is a piano in the 700 Beacon rehearsal room now 
      • Hard to get a sense of the spacing in little room but made it work 
      • Hopping into the Student Theater before tech week would be helpful
      • Having an experienced MD was great 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Agrees with Lara's suggestions 
      • Had a great time as Assistant Director
      • Will hopefully pitch in the future
    • MD: Daniel
      • Drum set is dealt with
      • Tech week was crazy, but musically it went really well 
      • Pit and actors knew each other's names, which was great 
      • Super happy with how it went 
      • You need floor mics 
    • SM: Lena
      • Thankful that she was able to SM One-Acts before this 
      • Everything they ran into ended up working out 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Overall, the process was a positive one
      • Truly happy with how all the departments worked 
      • Highly recommend constant emails 
      • Sam really stepped up as ATD 
      • Everyone should be proud of the production
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Hectic, but a lot of fun
      • Everything went well 
      • The show was under budget
      • Ticket sales went really well-- sold out two nights 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Gave a pep talk to N2N
  • Evan
    • Guest directed N2N
    • Booked some rooms
  • Abby
    • Worked on N2N
    • Summer Show auditions are this week 
    • Murder Mystery is happening on Friday
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Going to send out NomCom email tonight 
    • Little worried about lack of roasts in so far 
  • Andy
    • Had productive meeting with Chrissy this week
    • Helped out N2N this week with producers 
    • Congrats to all producers of the entire semester 
    • Need to update Treasurer and Producer guides 
    • Needs BUSTies stuff from Abby 
  • Lucy
    • Made Summer Show audition FB page
    • Promoted N2N
    • Will make Murder Mystery event, like now
    •  Saw Shakespeare Society show 
    • Went to BUSTies meeting today 
    • Need to swap over our domain to Squarespace. Website shouldn't go down, but will try to do that in the middle of the night just in case 
    • Did some housekeeping in Google Drive and email 
  • Caitlin
    • Made invoices 
    • Sent email to Showcase acts 
    • Sent out TD recaps this semester 
    • Lara donated a floor mic 
    • Has TA apps 
  • Ariana
    • Sent SAAD stuff to Steve 

Summer Show 2018

We are very excited to announce that we have a Summer Show for 2018! Auditions for the show will be held April 18 and 19 from 6-9 PM in 700 Beacon St. Room to be announced. If you're in Boston this summer, Summer Show is a great way to stay involved in theater and introduce the next generation of Troupies to our fabulous group! Like all shows, Summer Show also needs a tech crew and producers, so heads up if you are interested in that as well. Without further ado, Summer Show 2018 will be *drum roll*:

No Exit
Directed by David Murauskas


Executive Board Notes 4/8/18

  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Having a ball 
      • Got a lot done this week 
      • Had a great run on Friday and in a really good place 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Going really well
    • MD: Daniel
      • Sitzprobe went really well
      • Drums were delivered today 
      • Going to set up keyboard area for run tonight 
    • SM: Lena
      • Set call times for every night and a leaving time
      • Transition of power going smoothly
      • Excited for this week
    • TD: Alicia
      • Move-in happened. It was super efficient 
      • Doing small touches to the set since 12:30
      • Lights are being prepared for tonight 
      • Every department is coming together 
      • Possible scheduling conflict with OBOB but it was resolved 
      • Conflicts need to be made aware immediately 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Collected receipts all day 
      • Got a video out today 
      • Have more promo scheduled for the rest of the week 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Helped with N2N build
  • Evan
    • Met with Erin and talked over the position 
    • Want to work on getting chairs out of 700 Beacon 
    • Going to make announcement about cords for graduation 
  • Abby
    • Had a BUSTies meeting with event managers
    • SAAD committee happened 
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Erin and Maggie's Check-in
      • Finalizing people to participate 
      • Working on rooms 
      • Will finish script by Tuesday
    • Met with Shiney James about Summer Show 
    • Thanks Lucy for getting ist of dues-paying members
  • Andy
    • Was in Heathers so busy week
    • Fixing the N2N Eventbrite
    • Meeting with Chrissy this week 
    • Will be helping N2N producers this week 
  • Lucy
    • Created N2N Facebook event 
    • Published sweatshirt order form
    • Updated secretary guide and sent to Kim
    • Was on N2N build 
    • Uploaded Jane the Plain and Smokefall photos to Facebook
    • Updated website for Next to Normal
    • Got list of seniors from Eventbrite for Abby 
  • Caitlin
    • Gave out LD and TD keys 
    • Retrieved SM keys 
    • Hard to have two non-Troupe shows happening at the same time 
    • Talked to Abby about Showcase 
    • Gave the division of power talk to the creative team 
    • Brought SAO-sponsored candy today 
    • Need to replace a blade in the Space 

Executive Board Notes 4/1/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • It went so well! 
      • Nuts on Sunday, but everything went really smoothly
      • Super happy 
      • Communication from the beginning was really helpful in pulling off this show 
      • Having rehearsals in one space was nice for cohesiveness 
    • TD: David 
      • Happy with how the week went 
      • Water and tree were two proudest accomplishments 
      • Strike went well. Shoutout to everyone
      • Big shoutouts to Andy and Liz 
      • Cam was awesome
      • Don't be afraid to think outside of the box 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Tech week went smoothly. Started late most nights but everyone got into the swing of things
      • Show nights went very well
      • ASMs got to call an act of the show on Friday
      • Happy with how everything went 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Will send in check out ASAP, recovering after track weekend
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Things are going well 
      • Doing full runs this week 
      • In a really good place going into pre-tech week 
      • Cast sounds beautiful 
      • A few people from tech came to rehearsal this week 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Doing runs 
      • Drumset is still set for delivery 
      • Changed sitzprobe time 
    • TD: Alicia 
      • Feeling very good about build week
      • Readjusting to figure out movement of set pieces 
      • Met with all departments this past week
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Getting tech head shots this week 
      • Getting ready for the promo to launch this week
      • Whole producing team has their jobs for programs and shirts

        E-Board Check-Ins
  • Chris
    • Dealt with some reshuffling of tech crews 
    • Had Smokefall
  • Evan 
    • Helped out with ushering on Saturday night for Smokefall
    • Unlocked the Space
  • Abby
    • Assembled SAAD Committee
    • Sent out roasts email
    • Will be meeting with Shiney James about Summer Show
    • Helped Lucy with COMBAT ESA questions 
    • Need to talk to Caitlin about showcase tech 
  • Andy
    • Guesstimate for Charity Show is at least $3000 raised 
    • LD'ed this week 
    • Meeting with Chrissy after Heathers is done 
    • Helped collect dues at the GM this week 
    • Facilities people in the Theater are so nice. Should send them a thank-you note
  • Lucy
    • Filled out three ESA applications 
    • Promoted Smokefall
    • Sent GM recap email
  • Caitlin
    • Got keys back from Andy and David 
    • Wood order issue with N2N 
    • Opened the Space a lot this week 
    • Assistant stepped up a lot for Smokefall
    • Super need a Space Cleaning and dumpster is reserved
    • Needs to talk to Abby about Showcase 

GM #4 Recap

🌟🌟🌟Happy Post-Troupe Sunday! 🌟🌟🌟

Hey, it's me. Hope everyone recovered from spending 13 hours in the theater yesterday. Truly, what a day it was! If you missed the meeting, be sure to read on for some exciting information. E-Board 2018-2019
You won't have to put up with my shenanigans or long email signoffs much longer, because we have an all new E-Board! We are so excited to see a stunning group of leaders become next year's SHEboard!! We can't wait to see where you take the group in the future. 

Alba Romero

Vice President
Erin Callahan

Vice President of Special Projects
Ariana Tortolani

Chrissy Sardano

Kim Zak

We have a show coming up this week! Buy your tickets to see Smokefall before they sell out! The show is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM in the Student Theater. Tickets are available at

Summer Show pitches
If you are going to be in Boston over the summer and want to stay involved with theater, you can pitch Summer Show! That event is held in conjunction with University Orientation throughout the summer and it's a really great way to introduce Troupe to the next generation. The pitch form for Summer Show can be found on the Troupe website under "Forms & Resources!" The pitch form and a copy of the script is due both by email to and in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" delivered to MCS B17 by Friday, March 30 at 4 PM. Let anyone on E-Board know if you have questions or need help picking a show to pitch! 

Family & Friends Weekend Pitches
We have re-opened pitches for our F&F Weekend show! Pitches are now due on April 2nd at 4 PM in both paper to Eric Jacobsen in MCS B17 and email form to! To help you out, E-Board has also compiled a list of tips and show suggestions for pitching F&F on our website under Forms and Resources>Guides.  Let us know if you have any further questions! 

TA Application
Our Executive Board is not complete without a Technical Advisor! This position is selected differently than the other E-Board positions. The application has been posted in the Facebook group and will be available on the Troupe website shortly. These applications are due by email to on April 15 at 5 PM! Let the current TA, Caitlin, know if you have any questions about the position. 

SAAD Committee
A message from your current VPSP: 

"With the election of our new board, (congrats to all who were elected and the biggest thanks to everyone who ran!!) it is time to start thinking about the end of the semester, and for the seniors, the end of our time at BU and in Stage Troupe. But before us seniors are nothing more than names on the walls of the space, it is up to the non-seniors to help honor some of us who are graduating!

If you're interested in being a part of the SAAD (*saad*) Committee for this year's BUSTies, please email me at by Friday. To be a part of this committee, you must be a dues-paying, non-senior member of Troupe.

What is this SAAD award that you have heard so much about, whether in normal conversation or echoed whispers? Here's the basic info: The Senior Awards for Achievement and Dedication, named after former Student Group Advisor Leila Saad, are presented to two graduating seniors who best embody Leila’s energy and passion for Stage Troupe. The SAAD awards are presented by the Student Group Advisors during BUSTies to the persons they feel are most deserving of the award. The SAAD Nominating Committee must consist of 5-10 non-senior members of Stage Troupe, and is responsible for selecting from amongst the membership those most deserving of the Senior Awards for Achievement and Dedication.

Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this awesome committee! It is always a really rewarding thing to do, and you would get to hang out with VPSP-elect Ariana Tortolani!! Also let me know if you have any questions!!!"

I will see most of you at some point this week, hopefully. Stay cool and come see Smokefall!

Executive Board Notes 3/25/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Moved in set and it looks great
      • Did paper tech with sound 
      • Someone is coming in to make a promo video tonight 
      • Squeezing in run tonight after GM 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Had last full run and lines are good 
      • Excited for this week
      • Paper tech with lights tomorrow
    • TD: David
      • Got keys from Cait
      • Move-in went very smoothly 
      • Big snaps to Andy and James for coming in to do lights 
      • Majority of elements will be in place for run tonight
    • Producer: Zach
      • Got many lamps for the lobby
      • Did link signups
      • Going to print out programs tomorrow
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Everything is going well
      • Cast is so determined and great 
      • Blocking is all done 
    • AD: Kendall
    • MD: Daniel
      • Had two rehearsal with the pit 
      • Act 2 run through went really well 
      • Cast is great. Had optional rehearsal and they all showed up 
      • Invoice for drums will be emailed 
    • SM: Lena
      • Hard off book was great 
      • Photoshoot went well 
      • Some tech coming into rehearsal this week 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Going to do department meetings this  week 
      • Trying to get mics from SPS. We'll see what happens with that 
      • Things are moving 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Did the headshots and it went really well 
      • Shirts and posters are in 
      • Have a Snapchat 
      • Wood order is in. Set to be delivered on March 30 
      • Getting cast and crew to sign up and fundraise for charity walk 
      • Amazon order date has passed
  • Maggie and Erin
    • Have concept, plot and characters for 700 Beacon Murder Mystery 
    • Going to have script for the first skit then cards for the rest of the evening 
    • Have a wild cast of characters
  • Esiri
    • Friend is helping with Smokefall sound design. Wants him to get credit in the program

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Met with a few people running for president 
    • Working on Smokefall
  • Evan
    • Booked a link table for Smokefall producing
    • Saw Little Shop
  • Abby
    • Getting stuff together for Showcase 
    • Pitches are open for Summer Show
    • Sending out roast email tonight
    • Lost name tag, but it was found! 
  • Andy
    • Gave camera to Hannah and Paulina for N2N 
    • Light designer for Smokefall
    • Asked Evan about link tables
  • Lucy
    • Made GM Facebook event
    • Sent out recap email from the last GM 
    • Talked to secretary candidate 
    • Promoting Smokefall
    • Shared nice articles 
    • Agreed to do a play for showcase 
  • Caitlin
    • Gave keys to Andy and David
    • Opened the Space a lot for people this week
    • Charity group is using the chalkboards again 
    • Had build week this week. New screws were nice to have 
    • LD for Smokefall had to drop so worked with David to figure it out 
    • Have one TA application in 
    • Thinking very minimal tech for Showcase 

Family & Friends Weekend Pitch Deadline Extended

We have re-opened show pitches for the Fall 2018 Family & Friends Weekend show! The pitches will be due by MondayApril 2 at 4 PM. You will need to turn in a copy of the script and a completed pitch form (located on the Forms & Resources page of the website) in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" to MCS B17 and send them in an email to Both copies must be submitted on time for your pitch to count! 

To try and make this process a bit easier for everyone, E-Board has compiled a list of show suggestions and things to consider when pitching an F&F show. That list can be found on the Forms & Resources page under Guides> "F&F Pitch Guide." While we hope this is helpful for everyone, the list is not meant to be limiting. It is just supposed to give you an idea of what could work! We will be considering pitches that are not included in this list and a show from this list is not guaranteed to be chosen.  

If you have any questions about pitching, please feel free to contact any member of E-Board or email! Happy pitching! 

GM #3 Recap

It was an exciting meeting! There's a lot to cover, so read on:

E-Board Nominations
We are so happy to announce the nominations for next year's Executive Board! It's so heartening to see such a great group of leaders step up to run for a position on Board. Elections will be held at the General Meeting next Sunday, March 25! It is highly, highly encouraged if you are running for an E-Board position that you chat with the current person in the position. 

Esiri Madagwa Jr
Alba Romero
Michelle Sandler

Vice President
Erin Callahan
Kevin Lorch

Vice President of Special Projects
Brian Rollins
Ariana Tortolani

Chrissy Sardano

Kim Zak

Fall 2018 Season
We are so thrilled to announce the main stage productions for the Fall 2018 season! We can't wait to see these visions come to life.

The Nerd
Directed by Flannery Gallagher

Directed by Ben Skross

We have a sweatshirt! The purchase link will go up soon, so stay on the lookout for that. 

Showcase and Summer Show pitches
Still have an urge to direct? There are two more opportunities to pitch coming up in the next few weeks. Pitches for the Spring Showcase (similar to One Acts, but even more lowkey) are due Thursday, March 22! To pitch, just shoot an email over to with your idea. 

If you are going to be in Boston over the summer and want to stay involved with theater, you can pitch Summer Show! That event is held in conjunction with University Orientation throughout the summer and it's a really great way to introduce Troupe to the next generation. The pitch form for Summer Show can be found on the Troupe website under "Forms & Resources!" The pitch form and a copy of the script is due both by email to and in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" delivered to MCS B17 by Friday, March 30 at 4 PM. Let anyone on E-Board know if you have questions or need help picking a show to pitch! 

TA Application
Our Executive Board is not complete without a Technical Advisor! This position is selected differently than the other E-Board positions. The application has been posted in the Facebook group and will be available on the Troupe website shortly. These applications are due by email to on April 15 at 5 PM! Let the current TA, Caitlin, know if you have any questions about the position. 

BUSTies Hosts and Event Managers
What have we done? Honestly, it is with great trepidation that I announce the hosts of this year's BUSTies will be none other than Chris Remillard, Lucy Gamades (lol), and Harrison Richmond! Just kidding, we're really excited for round two and hope you are too. 

The more exciting news is that our very own Ariana Tortolani and Andrea Roman will be event managing BUSTies! They are sure to keep our shenanigans in check and we are very grateful to have them. 

We have another general meeting coming up this next Sunday, so stay tuned for that email and Facebook event! We'll be electing our '18-'19 Board at that meeting (!!!). 

In the meantime, keep truckin' on! Let's hope we either get another snow day this week or it starts to warm up, because I don't want this cold anymore.

Executive Board Notes 3/18/18

  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Did a full run today
      • Working on character meetings this week 
      • Show is in such good shape
      • Thinking about tech already 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Rehearsals got scheduled until move-in
      • Rehearsals are going well. Lines are pretty good
    • TD: David
      • Build week email is in drafts right now
      • Build is this week. Super excited! Have some non-crew people helping
      • Got some newspapers for paper maché
      • Picking up package from SAO 
      • Everything going smoothly 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Want to advertise in the Link Monday-Wednesday of tech week
      • Thinking about ticket raffle
      • Has potential conflict during tech week
      • Needs lamps for lobby design
      • Released Eventbrite to families and then everyone else today
      • Filled out t-shirt forms
      • Question about stickers
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Things are going well 
      • Had rehearsal and group bonding yesterday 
      • Had photoshoot this week 
      • Should be done with blocking tomorrow 
      • Cast is great 
    • AD: Kendall
      • It's her birthday!
    • MD: Daniel
      • Had an Act One sing through with the pit yesterday. It went really well 
      • Have another sing through scheduled for next week
      • Sitzprobe is scheduled for Saturday before move-in 
      • Helpful to incorporate pit early on 
    • SM: Lena
      • Everyone getting off book 
      • Started getting in contact with tech about coming to rehearsal 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Put in wood order 
      • Had tech meeting today 
      • Things are going well 
      • No foreseeable issues coming up 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Got wood order in 
      • Given people deadline for Amazon orders 
      • Closed t-shirt deadline
      • Poster is about done 
      • On schedule with everything
  • Erin and Maggie
    • Want to pitch a 700 Beacon Murder Mystery special project 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Met with a few people about running for Troupe president
  • Evan
    • Unlocked the theater for OB 
    • Gauged some VP interest
    • Participated in Capture the Flag 
    • Booked rooms for Board and the GM
  • Abby
    • Capture the Flag was wild and fun 
    • Reading committee happened
    • Showcase is happening. Pitches are due Thursday 
    • Summer Show will be happening soon
    • Have Event Managers for BUSTies and will maybe have hosts after tonight 
  • Andy
    • Submitting reimbursements and collecting receipts
    • Has list of people who have not paid dues 
    • Will be sending contracts to Next to Normal producers
    • Merch is happening 
    • Participated in Capture the Flag 
  • Lucy
    • Waited for the Smokefall wood order
    • Made Capture the Flag and Smokefall Instagram posts
    • Sent out reminder email
    • Made Capture the Flag and GM Facebook events 
    • Will add Smokefall to calendars tonight 
    • People responded to merch poll. Yay!  
    • Participated in Capture the Flag 
    • Talked to prospective Secretary candidate
  • Caitlin
    • Smokefall wood order was delivered to the wrong place
    • Little Shop crew helped carry the wood back 
    • David's been great all week 
    • Going to contact the dumpster man for Space Cleaning 
    • Updated the TA app and it will be posted tonight after the GM 
    • Chris is helping look over the TA apps this year to maintain impartiality 

Executive Board Notes 3/12/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Did a full run before break and it was good 
      • This week, doing runs of individual acts. 
      • Scheduled through the end of this week 
      • Sage is coming to rehearsal to write story for Verge BU 
      • Sound has come in to watch the show 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Lines wise going well overall 
      • Will finish scheduling to end of the process today 
    • TD: David
      • Wood order has been placed 
      • Build week is next week 
      • Doing one more round of department meetings through the end of build week 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Had a photoshoot. It was great
      • Put in the wood order
      • Other Zach is editing the photos from the photoshoot
      • Made a Facebook page and SoundCloud
      • Making the FB event and talked it over with Lucy
      • Sending emails to newspapers and professors
      • Planned lobby design
  • Next to Normal
    • MD: Daniel
      • Gave cast Musescore files to practice with over break 
      • Pit is complete
      • Ordering drumset 
    • SM: Lena
      • Hard and soft off book dates are set 
      • Process is going smoothly 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Added four people onto the crew 
      • Have a set design 
      • Whole creative team is meeting on Friday 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Had photoshoot today

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Met with SAO for last training 
    • Coordinated stuff with Evan and Caitlin about OB request
    • Gave Steve's email to Zach for Smokefall
    • Let the other presidents know about furniture in 700 Beacon 
  • Evan
    • Met with a potential candidate for E-Board nominations 
    • Dealt with workshop issue earlier today 
    • There's furniture in 700 Beacon now. Time to take back our furniture 
  • Abby
    • BUT formal happened. Having it in the spring was good 
    • Reading committee is happening 
    • BUSTies is coming up. Have event managers! 
    • People have contacted about roasts 
    • Capture the Flag is this Saturday 
    • Talking to potential VPSP candidates 
  • Andy
    • Counting up BUT Formal money with Zach
    • Will send out emails tomorrow about paying dues 
    • Producers for the shows are great 
    • Will make N2N event this week
  • Lucy
    • Talked to Smokefall producer about promo stuff 
    • Emailed with other E-Boards about tickets 
    • Posted first Smokefall podcast 
    • Made post about pitch extension 
    • Received emailed pitches
    • Will be sending out reminder email and making FB events during the snow day tomorrow
  • Caitlin
    • Might have to go to jury duty on Wednesday; need someone to open the space 
    • Navigating build stuff for David 
    • Talked to OB about Heathers rentals 
    • Lucy helped with issue today
  • Eric
    • Approved two deposits in OrgSync

Pitch Deadline Extended

We realize some of you probably have an exam crunch before spring break, so we have decided to extend the pitch deadline for the fall! The electronic version of your pitch is now due on March 5 at 11:59 PM to The paper copy must still be turned in to Eric (Room B17 in 111 Cummington Mall) by 5 PM on Monday, March 12, the day we return from break. Both parts must be submitted on time for your pitch to be considered. If you have already submitted a pitch (and thank you so much to those who have), if you feel like you would benefit from more time, you are more than welcome to resubmit an edited pitch (but don't feel like you have to)! We hope this new deadline gives everyone the time they need to make their directing dreams come true. 

If you have any questions, please email! Have a happy and relaxing spring break! 

Executive Board Notes 2/25/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Wonderful process
      • Amazing for such a short amount of time 
      • Make sure everyone is happy and having fun 
      • Nice having an AD for cohesiveness and vision
    • SM: Jennifer
      • "Wow, that was fast"
      • Process went very well 
      • Actors were very on top of their lines 
      • Grateful for people to rely on around her 
    • TD: Francis
      • Focused on making sure cast and crew felt cohesive 
      • Everything went really well 
    • Producer: Andy
      • Producing felt really in the loop with the show
      • So hard to get producing stuff done in such a short amount of time
      • Sold out last show
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Ran the show and did a lot of scene work
      • Finished all character meetings with actors 
      • Super happy with where things are 
      • Met with producers to talk about lobby design and promo material 
      • Had photoshoot this morning 
      • Talked to Esiri about sound design 
      • Going to do another full run before spring break. Designers are planning to come to that 
    • SM: Andrea
      • This week was soft off book 
      • Tomorrow is hard off book 
      • Assistants are great 
      • Actors are doing well. Not worried 
    • TD: David
      • Finished department meetings this week
      • Looking at wood order 
      • Have set design and paint scheme 
      • Happy with how it's going 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Had photoshoot today
      • Working on podcasts
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Done with most of blocking for Act One
      • Went with Alicia to department meetings this week 
      • Producers sent out t-shirt design 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Finalizing the set design 
      • All went to see Jane the Plain 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Had a full show sing-through yesterday
      • People were sick last week, but worked around it 
      • Had first pit rehearsal yesterday
      • Will need to schedule with Heathers because of overlap 
    • SM: Lena
      • Cast and creative team are really close
      • Master schedule has been working well 
      • Off book dates are pretty soon after spring break 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Met with almost all departments for department meetings 
      • Hoping to finalize cut list before break 
      • Thinking of ways to incentivize crew to go to rehearsals 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Assistant producers are amazing 
      • Shirts should be ready to order in a few days 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Stopped into Jane the Plain a few times to see how it was going 
  • Evan
    • Opened the theater for Lucas this morning
    • Helped Jane the Plain with strike 
    • Getting Smokefall and Next to Normal into the theater this week for rehearsal 
  • Abby
    • Acted in Jane the Plain
    • BUT Formal is this week 
    • Got responses from all theater groups for the formal and they are helping to set up
    • Getting decorations tomorrow from Target
    • Andy helped with request for BUPD officer for formal 
    • Capture the Flag is March 17. Probably around 3:30/4 
    • Going to put out feelers for reading committee this week 
    • Need to talk about dates for Summer Show 
    • Chatting with potential VPSPs
  • Andy
    • Haven't counted all the money for Charity Show yet, but made roughly $3000 total
    • Produced Charity Show
    • Has BUSTies budget for Abby 
    • Every member of Jane the Plain creative team communicated really well 
  • Lucy
    • Promoted Jane the Plain
    • Visited Jane the Plain during tech week
    • Sent out a late recap email for GM #2
    • Worked on merch stuff
    • Talked to OB about formal
    • Set up Little Shop photoshoot with Lucas 
  • Caitlin
    • Opened the Space for people this week
    • Gave David a Space key 
    • Using extra money in the budget to get stuff for the Space 
    • Flat bay is very full 

Executive Board Notes 2/18/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Move-in was today
      • Making adjustments to costumes and props
    • AD: Chrissy
      • Everyone is really prepared
      • Show is going well
      • Cast gets along great
    • SM: Jennifer
      • Line through today
      • Most lines are down
    • TD: Francis
      • Move-in was super smooth
      • Excited for tech week 
    • Producer: Andy
      • Promo stuff went out today
      • Warren Towers poster should be up soon
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Blocked and ran the whole show
      • Spacing out full runs so cast doesn't get burnt out 
      • Conducted character meetings
      • Attended most department meetings 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Tomorrow is soft off book
      • Brought on Harrison as ASM
      • Rehearsal schedule set until spring break 
    • TD: David
      • Set design should be finalized by end of the week 
      • Went to a rehearsal with Cameron
      • Had most department meetings this week
    • Producer: Zach
      • Scheduling a date for the photoshoot
      • Working on poster designs
      • Recording podcasts this week
      • Going to start reaching out about show in the next week
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Most of creative team is sick
      • Had meetings with Alicia and producing team 
      • Music should be done by spring break 
    • AD: Kendall
      • What Lara said! 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Act 1 is one group number away from being complete
      • Performing at BYOB, very excited about that 
      • Created MuseScore files so cast can practice at home 
    • SM: Lena
      • Made master rehearsal schedule until the show
      • Talked about SM role with new ASM, Maddie 
      • Rehearsal room is great 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Meeting with Lara was very productive 
      • Needs to talk set design 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Shirt forms in by tomorrow 
      • Photoshoot scheduled for March 12v

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Approved OrgSync
    • Saw VagMo
  • Evan
    • Resolved paint situation in Student Theater
  • Abby
    • Went into SAO to resolve logistics for BUT formal
    • Roast workshop tomorrow
    • Reached out to WM and SS to get them onboard with special projects
  • Andy
    • Dated Eventbrite account making it difficult to make new Eventbrites 
    • Facilities working on clogged sink in workshop
    • Helping Abby with SAO 
  • Lucy
    • At sorority recruitment this week
    • Started GM PowerPoint
    • Sent out reminder email 
    • Made FB Events for Second GM and Charity Show
    • Talked to OB about Formal FB event 
    • Submitted Jane the Plain to BU, Daily Free Press and Arts Boston calendars 
  • Caitlin
    • Need to buy stuff for space
    • Sink should be fixed Tuesday 
    • Move-in was great
  • Steve
    • Got to guest direct Jane the Plain
    • Excited to see finished product 

Executive Board Notes 2/11/18

Show Check-Out

  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • Everything I wanted and more 
      • Big cast which was great, but lots of conflicts 
      • Lines were much better than expected 
      • Success of tech show is indicative of how much you throw yourself into the membership in the previous semester 
    • TD: Evan
      • Similar feelings as Caitlin
      • Had a lot of fun
      • Actors and tech were great 

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Things are going well 
      • People are getting more comfortable trying new things
      • In a good spot 
    • SM: Jennifer
      • Went over lines with actors. They're working on it
      • Hard off book is Tuesday 
      • Started line notes with ASM 
    • TD: Francis
      • Had all department meetings this week
      • Hashed out everything they need to do 
      • Excited about the show 
      • Ready for build week and move-in
      • Great attendance at tech meeting today 
    • Producer: Andy
      • Had photoshoot yesterday
      • Submitting Warren Towers poster tomorrow
      • Will submit cover photos to Lucy soon
      • Going to talk to Rosie's Place
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Going very well
      • Inches away from having the whole show blocked 
      • Excited about what the cast is bringing to him 
      • Met with David last Sunday. Really productive 
      • Had a few conflicts (the flu) but super confident about schedule 
      • Starting runs of the whole show this week
    • TD: David
      • Chatted for a long time with Conner about all tech aspects. It was a very good meeting
      • Moving into department meetings this week 
      • Has an ATD: Cameron! 
      • Coming to rehearsal on Tuesday 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Rehearsals got shifted this weekend 
      • Soft off book is next week 
      • New ASM Emilee is fantastic 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Made a spreadsheet with budget for every single department
      • Got graphics to Conner
      • Talking about future promo stuff
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Happy to be back!
      • Had full creative team meetings 
      • Talked to cast and creative team about American Suicide Foundation Walk 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Great to have Lara back
    • MD: Daniel
      • Had an entire creative team meeting. Everyone is on the same page
      • Rehearsals this week went great 
      • Working around VagMo this week 
      • Getting the pit together 
    • SM: Lena 
      • Little MIA this week because of tech show
      • Been talking to her ASM 
      • Everything's going really well and ahead of schedule 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Got to hear about Lara's vision this week 
      • Had an all-crew meeting today 
      • Scheduling department meetings 
    • Producers: Hannah and Paulina 
      • Sent heads of departments their budgets 
      • Meeting planned this week with Lara to talk about ASF lobby material 
      • Have rough schedule with deadlines 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Did set dec for tech show 
    • Has flu 
  • Evan
    • Worked on tech show
    • Booked room for Jane the Plain photoshoot 
    • Will talk to VagMo about pipe and drape misunderstanding
  • Abby
    • Was in tech show this week 
    • BU Theatre Formal is happening 
    • Will be reaching out to WM and SS about formal and capture the flag
    • Looking to host roast workshop soon 
    • Going to start putting out feelers for BUSTies hosts and event managers 
    • Went to final SAO training session 
  • Andy
    • Been focused on producing stuff for Charity Show 
    • Made promotional material for Tech Show 
    • Made EventBrite for Jane the Plain
  • Lucy
    • Promoted tech show this week 
    • Will talk to Mac about BU Theatre Formal event 
    • Worked on tech show 
  • Caitlin
    • Helped Esiri with sound board 
    • Directed tech show this week 
    • Did safety trainings this week 
  • Steve
    • Saw tech show 

Executive Board Notes 2/4/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Whole show is blocked 
      • Tech meeting today
      • Cast change this week 
    • TD: Francis
      • Tech meeting today
      • Department meetings are this week
      • Photoshoot this weekend 
    • SM: Jennifer
      • Moving at a great pace
      • Actors are trying to do soft off book already 
      • Almost done blocking 
    • Producer: Andy 
      • Met with Babatunde and Chrissy to talk about promo
      • "Ethereal macabre"
      • Warren Towers photoshoot this Saturday
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • Blocked Act One 
      • Blocking Acts Two and Three in the next week 
      • Talked to Zach about preliminary promo stuff 
      • Cast is great. Having fun. Excited to get into hands-on stuff
    • TD: David
      • Did safety training this morning 
      • Sent out first crew email 
      • Tech meeting today
    • SM: Andrea
      • Set off book dates
      • Scheduled rehearsals for next two weeks 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Met assistant today 
      • Talked to Conner about preliminary stuff 
      • Wants to do some engaging promo with student body
  • Next to Normal
    • AD: Kendall
      • Going well
      • Read-through/sing-through last week 
      • Whole cast is really excited
      • Had first music rehearsal 
      • Meeting with tech and creative team on Friday 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Handed out scores and libretti
      • First music rehearsal happened 
    • SM: Lena 
      • Rehearsals are going smoothly
      • Started making schedules
      • Excited to work with this cast and creative team 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Super excited to have tech crew
      • Met with ATD and split up duties 
      • First email was sent out 
      • No tech meeting today, but maybe next Sunday 
    • Producers: Hannah and Paulina
      • Met today
      • Excited to get started
  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • It's happening 
      • Working on getting off book
    • TD: Evan
      • Had tech meeting last week
      • Had department meetings
      • Lights are already set up
      • Took stock of props
      • In good shape 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Promoted TA Event 
    • Helped out with TA Event
  • Evan
    • Helped out with TA Event 
  • Abby
    • TA Event happened. Went really well 
    • People entered the cake contest this year 
    • Met with Rachel to talk about formal 
    • Set a date for Capture the Flag: March 17 
    • Going to schedule roast workshop 
  • Andy
    • Submitted Smokefall rights 
    • Made a Charity Show Eventbrite page
    • Assigned producers and emailed them 
    • Helped with TA Event: raised around $760 
    • Participated in 20 Minute Musicals 
  • Lucy
    • Promoted TA Event 
    • Used "live" Instagram feature for pie-ing E-Board 
    • Will make Tech Show events/add it to calendar ASAP
  • Caitlin
    • Had tech show rehearsals this week
    • Met with Eric on Monday to look at lighting board 
    • Fixed sound board with Eric 
    • Had to move around SMs 
    • Tech lists went out 
    • Sent out email to all the group TAs for safety trainings 
    • Need to find ATD for David
    • Sent VagMo some stuff about rentals 

Executive Board Notes 1/28/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Tech Show
    • Director: Caitlin
      • Had a rehearsal this week 
      • Blocked over half the show 
      • Rehearsal tomorrow 
    • TD: Evan
      • Had tech meeting today
      • Scheduling department meetings throughout the weeks 


  • Jane the Plain
    • Director: Babatunde
      • Have first read through scheduled tomorrow 
      • Proud of quick callbacks process
  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • First read through tonight
      • Checking in with other directors during auditions was really helpful
      • Being alone in the callbacks/auditions room is hard. Would be nice to have a second person in the room if you're directing alone
  • Next to Normal
    • AD: Kendall
      • Have cast. They're great. Turned out really well
      • Week went ok. There were bumps, but they made it. 
      • Going to learn songs first 
    • MD: Daniel 
      • Checked on status of librettos and scores 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Helped run auditions 
  • Evan
    • Part of audition process
  • Abby
    • Helped with auditions
    • Assassins is up and running 
    • TA Event is this Friday 
    • Hoping to meet with Rachel this week about formal
    • Planning to attend 20 Minute Musicals 
  • Andy
    • Helped with one day of auditions 
    • Picked up Next to Normal scripts 
    • Made the Dues Eventbrite page 
    • Producers are coming soon 
    • Need to call about invoice for Smokefall rights 
    • Emailing Jane the Plain everyday about rights 
    • Working on graphic design stuff for tech show 
  • Lucy
    • Updated website with cast lists/ new pictures/calendar
    • Responded to audition week and callbacks emails
    • Posted callbacks and cast lists 
    • Tweeted about tech forms and auditions
    • Sent out email for Caitlin to reach out to possible techies
    • Helped out at auditions 
  • Caitlin
    • Was at auditions every night 
    • Negotiated. Had fun time with Eric 
    • Met with Ruby about VagMo stuff
    • Tech lists are happening
    • Had tech meeting on Saturday
    • Need to reach out to more people  

Spring 2018 Cast Lists

Breathe. Remember to breathe. Scroll down, look for your name, then scroll back up for some pertinent information.

Did you get cast? Congratulations! Happy for you. Your director will be in touch soon. 

Didn't get cast this time? We're so sorry. We know this is really rough, but just remember that it is not a reflection of you abilities as an actor. There was so much talent in the audition rooms and tough decisions had to be made. This also doesn't mean you can't get involved with Stage Troupe this semester! We are looking for tech and producers! No experience is required and it's a great way to make friends and learn new skills. Tech and producing applications are located on the Forms & Resources page of this website. If you have any questions about producing, you can email our treasurer, Andy, at

If you want to learn more about tech before you sign up, there is a tech meeting this Saturday, January 27 at 3 PM in The Space!  The Space is located at 949B Commonwealth Avenue, behind Raising Cane's in West Campus. If you need help finding it, there will be someone at Cane's in a Troupe shirt at 2:45 to guide you. 

Jane the Plain

Jane: Miranda Montgomery
Scotty: Sean Grogg
Leeson: Devon Mikaniewicz
Leonard: David Simon
Betty: Abby Kass
Lexi: Monica Guest
Glowing Girl: Kennedy Farrow


Footnote/Fetus Two/Samuel: Eli Saracino
Violet: Lucy Gamades
Beauty: Emily Gianvecchio
Daniel/Fetus One: Chris Remillard
Colonel/Johnny: Ross Bucher

Next to Normal

Diana - Lauren Linn
Dan - Hugo Lindsay
Gabe - Rama Lauw
Henry - Rob Nunez
Natalie - Nikita Sethi
Dr. Madden - Sage Holloway